Lessons from Quincy et al

I was fortunate enough recently to listen to a talk from Quincy Larson – the founder of freecodecamp. For some reason in my head I had this image of a kinda pretentious guy in a suit giving a cliche motivational speech. In actual fact he turned out to be the total opposite – a super down to earth guy in sweat pants with a great story to tell. The main takeaway message I took from his talk was to code everyday, and it’s such simple and obvious concept that can often be under-appreciated.

I’d like to briefly segue to a brilliant site I used when I was learning Japanese – alljapaneseallthetime.com. The main idea of this website is to immerse oneself with Japanese as much as possible. This means changing your phone’s display language to Japanese, watching Japanese tv shows, listening to Japanese music…you catch my drift.

So back to programming, if we immerse ourselves in programming everyday then before long it will become second nature to us. This means…listening to tech podcasts on the train, watching programming related videos on youtube while you’re having dinner, and of course…coding everyday. Sometimes it can be hard to decide on what to program especially if you have a big project in mind and are not sure where to start.

Work on small bite sized projects that you know you can do and start building up that momentum. If you’re looking for inspiration check out Jennifer Dewalt’s blog where she created 180 websites in 180 days, or simply google project ideas. Otherwise jump onto exercism.io and work on an exercise daily. Freecodecamp also has a bunch of algorithm challenges to help keep your programming mind occupied. Most importantly perhaps, find things that you want to code and that appeal to you because coding should be fun right?

In short, in the wise words of Quincy – code everyday.


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